Radio Show - Hosts Mike Cotsworth & Cyndi Cotsworth
Automotively Speaking can now be heard live via online radio broadcast on Colorado ’s Castle Rock Radio, Friday’s at 1:00 (MST).  Mike Cotsworth hosts the show along with his daughter Cyndi Cotsworth.  They will be discussing vehicle reviews and the state of the automobile industry, new products and trends, safety and environmental matters, motorsports/racing news, relating personal experiences with new vehicles and from media events, interviewing guests from all aspects of the automotive world, and interacting with the audience - answering questions, discussing topics of interest to them, etc, etc...all things automotive!

And the most unique aspect to this show is that listeners will hear opinions and discussions from both Dad & Daughter… cross-generational, cross-gender perspectives!
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October 31, 2008 Show
With guest Bob Alder from High Plains Raceway

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
November 21, 2008 Show
With guest Dr. Lisa Van Bramer, Founder & President
Rocky Mountain Research & Prevention Institute

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Mike & Cyndi on
Castle Rock Radio 

Friday, June 4 --- 1pm - 2pm (Live)
Rebroadcast - Saturday, May 5
3pm - 4pm
                             - Monday, June 7
5pm - 6pm
Friday, June 11 --- 1pm - 2pm (Live)
Rebroadcast - Saturday, June 12
3pm - 4pm
                             - Monday, June 14
5pm - 6pm

Friday, June 18 --- 1pm - 2pm (Live)
Rebroadcast - Saturday, June 19
3pm - 4pm
                             - Monday, June 21
5pm - 6pm

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