Girls just want to have fun – Automotively too
Automotively Featured - Girls just want to have fun – Automotively too…
Automobiles have been fundamental to Male Culture ever since Karl Benz put an engine on a bicycle frame. Cars and the male ego seem inseparable, Henry Ford and Enzo Ferrari didn’t name their companies after their wives. The image of the automobile is inevitably linked to male icons – Clark Gable’s Dusenberg, James Dean’s Porsche Spyder,  Steve McQueen’s Mustang. Let’s not forget the Batmobile, and General Lee in the Dukes of Hazard. Who remembers what kind of car The Bionic Woman, Lavern & Shirley, or the Desperate Housewives drive…?

The predominance of male automotive associations notwithstanding, women do drive cars. In fact, the Fairer Sex makes up the majority of the population, and statistics tell us that women purchase more than half of the new vehicles sold in this country. No one would argue that women influence something like 90% of all vehicle purchases !
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Michael Cotsworth, the author behind Automotively Speaking and President of Rocky Mountain Automotive Press, provides valuable automotive information and entertainment for readers across the United States.  Automotively Speaking is a resource for comparing vehicles entering the market and addressing areas of interest in layman’s terms while providing unbiased information and first-hand experiences. Through Automotively Speaking, Mr. Cotsworth helps individuals save time and money when buying or leasing a new or used vehicle.
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